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Googly Foodcarts

As branding consultants, We were tasked with creating a unique and memorable brand identity for Googly Food Cart.
We started the project by conducting extensive research on the target audience, analyzing the competition, and understanding the client's objectives and vision.


googly foodcarts




Food & Beverages

Type of Work



Based on our research, We developed a brand identity that was fresh, modern, and approachable. The brand logo featured a minimalist design of a serving platter with the Googly logo inside the mark, making it instantly recognizable and unique.

In developing the brand logo, we wanted to convey a sense of energy and playfulness while maintaining a modern and professional look. The logo features a bold and stylized typography, with the word "Googly" in vibrant colors that reflect the dynamic nature of the fast food experience.

Our aim was to create a brand identity that encapsulates the unique fusion of convenience, flavor, and environmental consciousness that Googly represents.

Googly sets itself apart by combining the love for delicious fast food with a sustainable approach, as all their food carts are based on electric vehicles

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